Our translators are educated in the field of philology and specialised in different areas. As a result, we are able to offer translations in all subject fields, whether it is law, economy, technology, chemistry, informatics or medicine.

Technical texts 

Technical texts are translated by people who are educated in the field of technology and able to translate texts of a general as well as of a more specific nature. Considering that the materials in this field are usually quite bulky, we ask that, if possible, you send the original materials to us in electronic form, so we could propose an exact fee.

While translating technical texts, working closely with our clients is a great help, since it is typically the clients themselves who are most familiar with the terminology and are able to give instructions as to which terms to use.

We also offer a discount fee for translations of a large volume. A longer period of completion is usually required for small projects, as getting to know the subject and the terminology may sometimes take even more time than the actual translating.


Law is translated by people specialized in law. This means we can guarantee that the original text has been understood accurately and the terminology used relevantly even in the most complicated translations.

Cooperation with the client is once again important, especially when it comes to understanding nuances. Attention must be paid to the formal and linguistic exactness of the original text, since the quality of translation is dependent on it.

Economic translations

The field of economic translations is also quite extensive, since everything connected to business and finance is concentrated under this section. Our translators manage to excel in economic translation as well as anywhere else.

Translating advertising texts

Translating advertising texts is a creative and interesting process, which at the same time takes a long time, as the translation has to cover all the nuances of the original text.

The amount to be translated could be as little as a word or two, but finding the best translation could take hours. All of this means the translator has to adopt a creative approach and be familiar with many fields.

Translating advertising texts requires a good command of language and an inventive mind, as it is not about simply replacing source language words with target language ones. When looking for a translation of an advertising text, we request you take a longer period of completion into consideration.

Medical texts

Medical texts are always translated by specialists educated in medicine. This subject is so specific that people without the relevant education are not able to deliver a professional translation.

A quality translation is once again achieved by close cooperation between the client and the translator. As medical texts typically contain very specific terminology, it is also imperative that the translator knows who the end user of the text is, so that the terms could be simplified, if necessary, making the text readable to the general public, not just a circle of experts.