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Translation prices

The prices of written translations are given per 1 standard page, to which VAT is added (22%). The price of written translation is calculated on the basis of a standard page.

The length of a standard page commonly used in Europe is 1,800 characters including spaces, i.e. 30 lines, 60 characters in a line. If your text is saved to a file, the volume of the text can be determined easily. Open Microsoft Word and go to Tools > Word Count > Characters with spaces.

Divide this number by 1,800 and you will see the approximate volume of the translation. The final translation volume is calculated on the basis of the completed translation.

The minimum volume of a translation is 0.5 pages.

The price of oral interpretation is given per one hour or 60 minutes.

The price of layout/design is given per 1 A4 page.

Languages Price (€) VAT excl.
Price (€) VAT incl.
Estonian-Russian/English-Estonian 12.50 15.25
Estonian-Finnish/German-Estonian 12.50 15.25
Estonian-Swedish-Estonian 15.50 18.91
Estonian-Polish-Estonian 17.50 21.35
Estonian/English-Latvian-Estonian/English 15.90 19.40
Estonian-Lithuanian-Estonian 17.90 21.84
Estonian-French/Italian/Spanish-Estonian 17.50 21.35
Estonian-Norwegian-Estonia 21.00 25.62
English-Russian-English 14.00 17.08
English-Swedish-English 21.00 25.62
English-Finnish-English 21.00 25.62
English-German-English 21.00 25.62
Machine translation post-editing Ask for a price!
Other languages
Ask for a price!
Editing from 4.50 5.49
Proofreading from 3.50 4.27
Oral interpretation from 60.00/h 73.20/h
Layout/design from 4.00 4.88