Translation service

Translating is easy if it is performed by experts. Our team consists of only professionals thanks to whom we can guarantee fast translations at favourable prices.

We offer:

  • Written translation – the content of the source text is transferred into the target language in writing. A written translation has to comply with the rules of the target language as well as with the guidelines and requests of the client.
  • Post-editing of machine translation – checking the accuracy of and correcting a machine translation.Light post-editing (LPE) – the aim is to convey the content of the original text very accurately, without adding or omitting anything, while ensuring that all sentences correspond to the original and are unambiguous. However, errors in grammar, wording, and style are not corrected as part of LPE.

    Full post-editing (FPE) – the aim is to achieve a result comparable to that of human translation. After FPE, the translation is accurate, comprehensible, and stylistically correct, with proper wording, grammar, and punctuation.

  • Oral interpretation – orally transmitting the message to another language as reliably, naturally and fluently as possible, while also mimicking the conduct, intonation and persuasiveness of the person speaking. There are three different types of interpreting:

1) Simultaneous interpreting – the interpreter listens to the speech in a special booth, using earphones, and translates the speech segment by segment into a microphone.

2) Whispered interpreting – one of the subtypes of simultaneous interpreting. The interpreter takes notes of the speech and translates it by whispering in the listener’s ear.

3) Consecutive interpreting – the interpreter translates the whole speech after it has ended, consulting notes if necessary. If there are more than two languages involved, then due to time restrictions, this type of interpreting is used rarely.

  • Proofreading – rereading the target text to verify that it is understandable and linguistically correct. Since the text is not compared to the source text, no changes are made to the content.
  • Editing – ensuring that the target text is in accordance with the source text. During editing, it is checked whether the ideas of the original text are conveyed accurately and entirely in the translation, whether the sentences make sense and the terms used are correct, relevant and coherent.
  • Layout/design – arranging the text, graphics and/or pictures so that the translation resembles the original as much as possible.